Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Aunties Birthday

Ok, My third and final post for today.

It was my aunty's birthday on monday, so I had to make 3 cards. One from my dad (the black and white one), one from my grandparents (the fairy one) and one from myself and my husband ( the blue and brown one). The Happy Birthday on the one from myself is actually a bookmark! I just bought a new paper trimmer , it's the Woodware T-500 Fingerguard, which come with changable blades one being a perforated blade, so I thought I'd try it out.

Anyway, hope you like the cards and if I get time I will make a list of the products I used and add it to the posts :)

65th non girly female card

Ok, so the second set of cards were commissioned by my mam. I was asked to make a card for her friend who is turning 65. The only info she gave me was not girly, frilly or pink! That's kinda hard for me. I love pink girly frilly things. As she's not a close friend she didn't know if the had any hobbies or interests, so I decided to make 3 different styles of cards and let my mam choose. She decided on the black and gold as it just so happened that the present she bought was a black and gold jewellery stand. Handy!

My personal favourite of the 3 is the 'bugs n kisses' card.

Baby Raphael

Ok, so I have 3 posts today. I't been a busy card making week. :)

First card is for my friend's daughter who just had her first baby, a little boy named Raphael.